Trixie and Johnno Have the Edge

The whole ambiance of your bathroom is determined by what kind, and in what way, tiles are used. There are so many patterns to choose from, and so many colour combinations.

Trixie and Johnno have done well and gone with Urban Edge for their dazzling, diamond-shaped pattern. The hint of warmth from the mustard yellow gives a valuable grounding to the space, especially as bathrooms are notoriously white and sterile-looking.

The range of patterns you can achieve with Urban Edge’s diamond shape is enough to make MC Escher green with envy, for example the streamlined arrow patterns in the black and white in the “his” bathroom. There are also plenty more configurations on Urban Edge’s website.

And if your wondering where to start with your own choice of tiling, subway tiles are gaining a lot of trend traction as of late, and are an effective, understated way to create an urban feel. You’re options for patterns are somewhat limited, but the Classic New York MTA station aesthetic more than makes up for it.

Diagonals are a great way to add a bit of dynamism to a drab bathroom, but don’t them recklessly, or you’ll feel like you’re trapped in a triple dream from Inception whenever you take a shower.

For a safe bet, generous slabs of marble or stone are always going to look classy and tasteful, and when used well are more than worth the cost.

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