Bring some Inspiration to your Desk

Often our desks or workspaces are overcrowded, messy and full of piles of things to do. In contrast, they should be organised, inspirational and functional. It is time to get cleaning and start to create a space that not only allows you to sit and work at it properly, but also becomes a space of inspiration and productivity.

Whether it is your cubicle at the office or a computer desk at home… lets face it, a lot of time is spent at your workplace. It is important then, that our desks inspire brilliance, fuel productivity and nourish ideas. Once you’ve cleaned up your workspace, get creative and turn it into a space that you enjoy sitting at.

If you are not blessed with a good view from your desk, then create one. Use storage to keep all your paperwork and stationary (all the boring stuff) organised and bring out some fun with a vase of flowers or desk plant like a cactus or succulent. Fill the visible area of your workspace with simple, visual pleasures that uplift and help inspire you.

If you are stuck facing a dull, blank wall, use it to your advantage and create a backdrop that is as good or better than a view through a window. Cover the wall in photos, artwork, inspirational phrases or quotes, magazine clips and personal belongings like letters or cards. Each item should help to spark your creativity, encourage you, help you to focus, cheer you up and keep you going during those inevitable long nights and painful projects.

Whatever it is that you add to your workspace, just make sure you love it. The workspace can then change from being your overcluttered enemy to being a space that reflects and inspires you, and hopefully becomes a space you love.

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