CAPAS Furniture

Here at The Home Journal, we love discovering new local Australian designers. Peruvian born, Sydney based architect, Luis Gomez Siu is one such talent that we think everyone should become familiar with.

Designed by Gomez Siu, CAPAS furniture has a unique and creative style. The concept came about after Gomez Sui wanted to furnish his new home after moving to Australia. Choosing to make use of materials that were easy to source and put together himself, he decided to recreate one of his former furniture designs in paper and cardboard.

CAPAS, which means layers in Spanish, is distinctive because of its form that resembles his original solid timber designs, and a leather belt that surrounds each piece. The collection is constructed mainly from cardboard, but also includes materials such as plywood, Masonite, leather and felt.

Light in weight and surprisingly durable, the CAPAS range is also fairly affordable. There is also a custom-made option to suit customers’ specific size and colour requirements.

I love that such a simple concept can be so cleverly executed. Each piece of furniture combines modern lines and shapes with recycled (often salvaged scrap) materials to create a fun and contemporary range. I love the idea that you could be reading a book or magazine and be sitting on a chair made from the very same materials! The CAPAS chair would blend perfectly in to a library or study or could create a subtle statement in any living room.

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