Carterwilliamson Architects’ Light Cannon House

Carterwilliamson Architects have just released photos (by Katerine Lu) on another fantastic project that they completed recently, the ‘Light Cannon House’ in Annandale, West Sydney.

The clients approached Carterwilliamson with a brief that focused on drawing light to the inside of the house, so they came up with and then presented them an ‘unusual solution to the standard south-facing Sydney terrace problem’. The design balances two tall sculptured roof tower forms that Carterwilliamson call Light Cannons. Each Light Cannon reaches up to draw in northern light, but manages to give off minimal shadowing.

The newly lit space is balanced with a line of black joinery and grey iron bark island bench. The blend of white, light, timber and black fit together perfectly and highlight the ‘form and junctions of the space’.

The internal courtyard supplies a contemplative and relaxing outdoor space. The landscape architect, Melissa Wilson Landscape Architects, designed a low-maintenance moss garden to fit with the clients’ desires. This internal courtyard allows light and ventilation to reach deep into the downstairs living area, which was formerly the coldest and darkest corner of the house.

As with most of the Sydney firm’s projects, we just love it. Great job guys!

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