Cat House

We talk a lot about how to create a home that meets all of our needs, both functionally and aesthetically. But most of the time once this is achieved, the other members of our home bring their additions to the space and the cohesive design goes completely off whack. Especially when it comes to pets! And the problem is that there isn’t much in the way of options for aesthetically pleasing and design conscious pet products.

Luckily for cat owners, a trio of architects in Rotterdam, the Netherlands have solved the dilemma of a complete lack of beautiful furniture for cats. The Krabhuis, Dutch for scratch-house, combines the feline fascination for cardboard boxes with the need for something to sharpens their nails on whilst providing an attractive piece of furniture. Finally you can get rid of the hideous scratch poles or save your lovely couch legs by providing the Krabhuis for your kitty’s enjoyment.

Manufactured in the Netherlands, of 48 layers of duofold cardboard, the scratch house is 90% recyclable and arrives completely assembled and ready for your cat to move in. To buy a Krabhuis and see some gorgeous pics of people’s cats and their new homes, visit their website website.

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