Choosing Art For Your Home

The act of choosing artworks to put in your home is sometimes seen as an overwhelming job. Often we look at the need for something to put on our walls or ‘add’ to a room and find the task of selecting that something difficult due to the huge range of art available. But the job isn’t that hard, and shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but something of great enjoyment and an avenue for much reflection and appreciation.

For much of the late 20th century display of art in homes was primarily intended for aesthetic enjoyment, and was associated with social prestige and wealth. Today, art has a vast range in price, and therefore can be more easily accessed, and is available for all interiors.

The context or background is often very important when choosing a piece of art. Through an understanding of the context of a piece of art, it has the ability to reaffirm our own values and expectations. Knowing the context behind art from other times and places can serve as a useful portal into other’s aesthetics, morals, philosophies, ideologies, and politics and social customs.

When choosing art for your home, ask yourself these questions to get an idea of what you are looking for:

– What is the involvement of the artwork within a room?

– Is the artwork there to enhance an environment, or is it the central piece of an interior, which will then be inspired by the artwork?

– What is the purpose of having the art? Decoration? Inspiration? Political/Social Comment? Enhance a theme?

– Where is it to be positioned? Consider the size and balance of the space.

– Budget.

Once you have considered these questions the process can be far less daunting.

Justin Baker, Managing Director of Different Angle Design, states that, “always, the art chosen should meet your needs and reflect your personality and lifestyle.” The easiest and most rewarding way to use art in a room is to buy the art you love.

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