Colourful Barcelona

When you think of a 90sqm apartment, you think inner city living and working professionals, but this cozy and colourful apartment in Barcelona is changing the status quo.

Eclectically furnished in all the vivid warm colours that you expect from a Spanish interior, this home makes very good use of the space available. Several of the rooms are triangular, for example the kitchen, where even the most minute nooks never going to waste. While triangular rooms can look unusual , in this case the sharp angles help to create rooms that are dynamic and spacious.

Amazingly, none of the rooms feel cramped, This is partly helped by the large and many windows, and the eclectic colour scheme that segregates areas into separate spaces.

A real highlight is the kids’ bedroom, which strikes the fine balance of being fun without become tacky or indulging in novelty. The curved bookcase and perpendicular bunk beds make the room dynamic and energetic.

The tiling in the bathrooms continues the red colour palette and timber seen throughout the home. The wooden slates on the shower floor together with the striking tiles make this room particularly inviting.

This is one of the most lively and bright apartments around, furnished with warmth and passion. The perfect place to start a home.

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