Colourways Trend Forecast

Every quarter The Home Journal will provide you with our colour and trend forecast for Summer 2013/14. We have teamed up with the fabulous crew at Colourways to provide you with what we think is going to be the hot new trends in decoration and building materials.

Our forecast is designed to help you pick the right paint colour, tile, carpet, laminate or fabric for your super Summer DIY job. Staying ‘on trend’ helps you stay ahead of the Jones’ because the more contemporary the look of your home, the longer you are able to enjoy the place in which you live.

Colourways is a great company that helps the design and building industry understand what will happen in the market place. They are really clever in the way they forecast; they research with designers, suppliers and other industry professionals to develop a forecast that has a distinct theme or narrative.

Our first forecast is Pioneering Spirit, and as the name implies it has a very natural focus and a great ecological sense of found objects and reused materials. We love this forecast and it has been very insightful for our team when looking at what’s hot. We think it will be helpful for you when decorating or just trying to coordinate your existing furniture into a new look. So without further ado, here is the Home Journal and Colourways forecast for Summer 2013/14.

The Story – Pioneering Spirit

The landscape is reflected in every surface, in every minute of the day. The twisting marl of a ghost gum, blue, grey lichens vie for a place on the weathered cream surface of a fallen stone wall. The dusty, breathy blue of a duck egg is treasured and copied and woven by hand into a moment. Everything is used – everything that exists can be recreated and loved again as something new.

The simple honesty of hewn wood. The strength and endurance of homespun wool and the lip coating kiss of buttermilk. Like the land, the objects we touch and tend to are true, raw and unembellished. Rough and textured, a path is carved and our roots sink deep into this earth. We don’t frame our pictures, we frame what we love and value. This is a story of bare truth.

Key Colour Notes

We love this story, the colours that are forecast are really beautiful. The big prediction here is that the ultra white trend (Vivid White – with tints of blue) is over and that warmer whites are making a comeback.

Our colour picks from the forecast are:

1. Warmer whites – Forget ‘Vivid White’ and ‘Lexicon White’, look for whites with warmer tints.

2. Muted light blues – This will be the colour for the daring decorator, but it must be used in the right way. Forget the feature wall, paint the skirting, walls and ceiling in this muted blue or even an L-shaped section of the room i.e. where two walls meet, go big and go very bold. Remember that this may require you to edit your decor.

3. Light greys – This colour will be a huge trend in flooring, think engineered hardwood floors with washes of grey. It’s very nordic, and very warm. The light greys will also predominate in fabrics for curtains, furniture and other soft furnishings. It’s all about a return to a muted and cordinated palette. Our prediction is that ‘pop’ colours for cushions on the couch is ‘oh so 2012′!

5. Creams – Think leather! We love high light furniture pieces upholstered in cream leather. The perfect power object in the room, but remember not to over do it, just the highlight piece NOT the full sofa!

5. Blue Greys – These colours, often woven with whites and darker tones, will be used in materials for bench tops, upholstered panels and window furnishings. Add texture and a point of interest with these colours.

6. Woods – Raw woods for occasional chairs, tables and other pieces of joinery will really comtemporise your home.

Trend Forecast Directory

Our material recommendations for the forecast.

1. Laminates and Woods
Laminex Impressions – Chalky Teak Nuance Finish.
Ploytex Legato – Drifted Oak.
Polytec Lagato – Bespoke.
Plytone – Misty Moment Satin Finish.

2. Fabrics
Hunter Douglas – Seychelles Range – Colour Drizzle.
Voila Fabrics – Trata – 10.
Harlequin – Etch 1300634.
Latini – Bianco (Leather).

3. Paint
Dulux Little Manly Quarter.
Delux Snowy Mountains (half and full tint).
Dulux Blue Cadet.
Dulux Gild Grey.

4. Flooring and Tiles
Vinyl Flooring – Gerflor Creation Marutea.
Stone – Cemintel Urban Grey.
Tiles – Beaumont Tiles Decor 8 Calcutta.
Flooring – Royal Oak Pale Grey (French Oak).
Carpet – Cavalier Bremworth Galet in Cinder.

Coming Up

Coming up over the next weeks watch for out for our mood boards and product ideas for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. These great guides will show you how to get the look and where to find it.

For more information on Colourways, visit their website.

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