Dani Chats to Bec & George

Confidence can be one of the most important elements in competing on The Block. I know that with such pressure to complete a room, from design on to managing trades and then actually doing the work, if you lose your confidence it can make you doubt your decision making. The best way to get your confidence up is to win a room early, and this is exactly what Bec and George have done with their very well considered bedroom and ensuite, which uses a black and white theme with details and highlights in red. I chatted with the winning couple.

Dani: How have you found your experience so far, is it what you expected?

Bec & George: The experience has been amazing. We always knew it was going to be hard, but it was quite a shock to the system when we actually started.  That 48hr challenge was huge and really took a lot out of us.

Dani: Coming into The Block 2013, had you preplanned anything or did you just react to the situation?

Bec & George: Both of us have been doing a lot of research the last 12 months while building, so I wouldn’t say we preplanned as such, but we were semi prepared in a sense.

Dani: I know that on my first series (The Block 2012) we took it room by room but had an idea of what we wanted to achieve overall.  Have you come in with a similar mind-set or are you literally going room by room?

Bec & George: From the start we both decided that we need to try to create a home that appeals to a broad range of buyers. Every room we renovated we aimed to create a space that was very Bec and George but also very appealing.

Dani: Bec, I’ve seen quite a few of your family members pull on the work boots and help out. Do you think it’s an advantage being in Melbourne and having access to tradies who you know and trust?

Bec & George: It’s definitely an advantage being from Melbourne and being able to use our friends and family. But it’s also not against the rules. This is the first season that its state vs state so there was bound to be someone that felt they were disadvantaged.

Dani: Has the room turned out how you imagined?

Bec & George: It turned out exactly how I planned it in my head. It was simple and elegant yet quite a statement room.  George questioned the stripes at the beginning but then came around once we discussed the plans for the remainder of the room

Dani: What is your favourite part of the room?

Bec & George: We both love the original Bally print. She is so beautiful and impacting, and the colour palette is amazing.

Dani: Black and White is such a classic but versatile combination and I’m loving the red accents, especially in the Skipping Girl Vinegar Sign bookend, Bonnie and Neil cushion & the vintage print. How did your colour palette come about, and talk us through how you built the room from a design perspective (i.e. source artwork first, decide on wallpaper first)?

Bec & George: The wallpaper was the first decision. I have been wanting to try the black and white stripes for a while, and I worked all the other pieces around that. Once the wallpaper was sourced I went to look for artwork. There were a few more options in mind, but once I saw the Bally print I knew the black and white spots on her dress and the red accent would go perfectly. Everything else came together well after that. The bookends and cushions just helped to accentuate the colour palette.

Dani: What are your top 5 tips for planning a bedroom and ensuite?

Bec & George:

1. Sketch things out. Play around with layouts and try to create a space that feels open and welcoming.

2. I always try to draw my colour pallete from a key piece like an artwork or wallpaper or even cushions.

3. Try to look at the space as somewhere you would spend time in. We would lay on the bed and sit at the desk and see if it felt like there was something missing or if it felt cozy.

4. We try to create rooms that have personality and feel welcome. Try to use cool and warm tones as a balance to help do this.

5. Have fun and experiment a bit. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone!

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