Decorating Tips for Renters

So often we hear tips and tricks for decorating our interiors, but often renters feel neglected due to particular challenges of dealing with a home that isn’t their own. Unlike homeowners who can remove flooring and walls at their leisure, renters can’t even put a nail in a wall without the homeowner’s permission. And then, there’s the fact that in the end you don’t own the space, and so often renters don’t want to put much money into changing the décor. To solve these dilemmas here are some easy ways to change an interior that are inexpensive, reversible and stick to rules of renting.

Wallpaper – provides renters with wallpaper that is easy to remove and won’t damage the walls underneath. Their huge range of non-woven wallpapers can be completely dry when removing, avoiding the use of steamers or water, and comes off in full sheets allowing the wallpaper to be reused.

Washi Tape – Washi tape is fast becoming more and more popular for use in craft and decorating. The colourful, lightweight tape is perfect for creating stripes, frames or pictures on walls, and is quick to remove.

Wall Decals – Easy to remove images and words can be bought to brighten up a room.

Indoor Plants – Not only do indoor plants provide a calm and fresh look to a room, they also assist in purifying air, which enriches a healthy indoor living.

Rugs – Rugs are the perfect tool to define living spaces and add colour and pattern to a room. However rugs can be so much more in a rental home, as they can hide carpet stains and scratched flooring.

Windows – Remove dingy old curtains and replace with blinds or curtains of your own choice. However make sure you store the old curtains carefully to put back up once you move out.

Lighting – Update light fittings to add character and style to a room. Replacing an old chandelier with a gorgeous pendant light can add so much to a room. Again, make sure you keep the old fitting to put back when you leave.

Artworks & Mirrors – If hanging lots of frames on your walls isn’t really an option, then lean them against walls. Have large floor length mirrors standing against a wall and lean artworks on top of tables and shelves against your walls.

Colour – If you can’t persuade your landlords to let you paint, or don’t want to commit when you may move shortly… then keep the large, unchangeable areas of the house neutral and add colour through your own accessories. By having colourful furnishings you can ensure you bring with you to every rental the colour scheme and décor you love.

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