Get the Look’ of Brad and Dale’s Winning Master Bedroom and Ensuite

Dani breaks down the recent master bedrooms and ensuites delivered on The Block: Fans v Faves last Sunday, and shares how we can all ‘Get the Look’ of Brad and Dale’s winning room.

While normally, master bedroom week on The Block happens within the first few weeks of the competition, this season in Fans v Faves, we had to wait until week seven. With next to nothing left in their budgets, the exhausted and creatively-drained couples were forced to be extra resourceful and to make the most of the vouchers that they received at the start of the competition.

Four very different, but very creative master bedrooms and ensuites were delivered on Sunday night but none of the couples completely disappointed the judging panel. In fourth place on 22.5 points this week were Kyal and Kara. Things started positively for the couple as the judges loved the gallery style hallway that displayed artwork at mixed heights and in random groups, but the pair failed to impress with their master bedroom and walk-in wardrobe. Neale even said that it had ‘no emotion’ and was ‘devoid of feeling and soul’.
This comment would come as a blow to anyone at this point in the competition; but the power couple took it with aplomb and even discussed ways they could potentially improve the overall feel of the room.
The bad reviews continued with the walk-in wardrobe as the judges felt the storage and shelving solution that Kyal and Kara used was poorly designed considering how much it must have cost them. This led all of the judges to agree that the mirror in the walk-in wardrobe was the best element.
Luckily, the ensuite received more favourable reviews, as the Super K’s produced the kind of ensuite that the ‘buyers of their apartment would expect’. I thought it was absolutely beautiful, and think that it’s my favourite bathroom of the series. The judges felt that the layout was perfect and that Kyal and Kara had produced a ‘stunning’ and ‘beautiful’ room.

Coming away in third place with 25 points were Alisa and Lysandra. The girls were nervous this week to hear the judges’ opinions on the ‘light void’ that has been a topic of conversation for the entire series. It was finished in such a perfect way with mirrors that reflect the natural light from the upper level of the apartment and the judges loved it. A custom frosted glass floor finished off the entryway to the master bedroom perfectly and, ultimately, casts a beautiful soft light to the kitchen below. As the girls had dropped a cool $10,000 on the construction of the void, it would have been a very expensive mistake if it hadn’t worked out.
With the decreased size of their master bedroom playing on the couple’s minds for some time; it came as a relief when all three of the judges agreed that the room was an ‘appropriate sized bedroom’. Darren commented that it still felt ‘quite vast and big’. The girls also used cement sheeting as their bedhead but cut down as tiles rather than full sheets, and the judges said that it was better resolved than Kyal and Kara’s.
Shaynna’s ‘star’ in the room this week was the black cupboard with timber detail, however the judges were less than impressed with their efforts on the walk-in wardrobe, claiming that the use of timber with aluminium edges made the room look ‘cheap and nasty’.
The ensuite, like Kyal and Kara’s, earned the girls some major points with the judges who all loved the shower jets, the beautiful rendered walls (paired back perfectly with the pebble aggregate multi grey honed floor tile, the simple vanity with timber accent and the minimalist pendant. Neale proclaimed that this ensuite was the ‘star of the show this week’.

Judged first yet placing second with 28 points, Chantelle and Steve made all of the other couples nervous as their early scores of nine and ten, from Darren and Shaynna respectively, were recorded on the blackboard. After layout issues stunted progress on the first day of the week, the couple confidently completed a master bedroom and ensuite that Chantelle referred to as ‘fresh but warm… and crazy’.
Thankfully the judges didn’t seem to think that the room was crazy and gave only words of praise when assessing it. The couple continued the art deco theme displayed throughout their apartment with a modern interpretation on the palette that satisfied all three judges: starting in the master bedroom, Shaynna said that it had an ‘elegance about it’ and Neale was impressed with the ‘raw, slightly industrial edge’ complete with a ‘spin of glamour’.
The judges’ were satisfied with the storage solution in the walk-in-wardrobe: Shaynna simply said ‘tick, tick, tick.’
Upon entering the couple’s ensuite; Neale was immediately impressed with the tile choices and colour palette, stating that it was ‘bang on trend’ and that the Castle Pyramid feature tile was his favourite of the series. The judges were impressed by every detail in the room and appreciated the subtle link in angles between the basins, the feature tile and the pendant lights.
Shaynna’ final reaction was really surprising, as the usually quite critical judge was moved to tears and explained how proud she was of the couple’s efforts in recent weeks and of their journey up until this point. Well done Chantelle and Steve!

With their second win of the series (28.5 points), Brad and Dale literally rendered Shaynna speechless with a room that Neale called the ‘royal suite’. He then declared that ‘the boys [were] back in the game’. When she finally found some words, Shaynna was in total awe of the ‘private wing’ the boys has created with the master bedroom.
The beautiful bedroom contained an open tiled wet area complete with an amazing, total ‘wow’ factor, Cedar Freestanding Bath; an enamel coated pressed steel bath, wrapped in durable plantation Cedar handcrafted in Melbourne. Darren said that the room was ‘awesome’ and was blown away by the fact that the pair was able to produce a room of this standard in only one week.
All the couples on The Block take a big risk with daring design at some point in the competition to impress their market and the open wet area in the bedroom is a clear point of difference for the boys’ apartment.
When the judges walked into the boys’ walk-in wardrobe, Shaynna expressed concerned that it ‘might be tight for two people’, but both Neale and Darren disagreed. Then they found that the ‘James Bond’ hidden cupboard was full of hanging space.
The ensuite didn’t disappoint the judges either as evidenced by Shaynna repeating ‘wow’ about ten times.

As Brad and Dale have produced the winning master bedroom and ensuite this week; I’m providing you with a list of essential items to help you ‘Get the Look’ for your own bedroom and ensuite.

1. Cedar Freestanding Bath
2. Sussex Pol Mixer
3. Sussex Scala Floor Mounted Bath Spout
4. Digi Marble Pearl Tiles
5. Ziporah ‘Dove’ Bath Sheet
6. Aesop ‘Classic’ Shampoo and Conditioner
7. EST Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap Ball from Nelson Brown
8. Fete Square Basket in ‘White’
9. Calypso Wire Stool in ‘White’
10. Copen Bench
11. Sigma Mirror
12. Spinning Light BH1
13. Evelina Quilt Cover in ‘Natural’
14. Abbotson Bed Cover and Pillowcase
15. Hart & Barnes Cushions in ‘Inky Wash’ green base from Nelson Brown

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