How to Make your Home More Relaxing

With life as busy and hectic as ever, nowadays people look more and more to decorating their homes with a holiday-ish vibe in an effort to create a place to relax. Often in the business of life our homes become disorganised, chaotic and full of discord, creating a space that adds to the stress or daily life. So in order to create a home that is more peaceful to return to each evening, I’ve listed a few basic steps that may help.

• Add fresh flowers to your home as both visual and aromatic soothers

• Candles are perfect for creating an air of calm and relaxation. Be careful with fragrant candles, as they can sometimes be overwhelmingly strong. My favourites for relaxing are the Woodwick candles, which softly crackle like burning wood as they burn.

• Remove clutter that can be distracting, chaotic and stressful. Lots of decorative objects will also mean more cleaning as they gather dust very easily.

• Surround yourself with things that calm and relax you. Don’t have work-related papers or books nearby, instead soft furnishings, photographs, hobbies etc.

• Consider the colours in your home as they can have a profound effect on mood. For a relaxing atmosphere neutrals and soft blues and greens help to add a quiet and comfortable feel. Bright, bold colours tend to energize and excite which is the opposite effect desired.

• Lighting is so important for creating the mood of a space. Natural light is great to lift spirits, so be sure to keep window coverings pulled back enough to allow sunlight to enter. Artificial lighting is also key to creating a relaxing space. Avoid clinical white fluorescent lighting and stick to mood and task lighting that is dimmable.

• Use soft materials in furniture and furnishings like linens and velvets. And include throws, cushions and rugs in rooms to create a warm and effect.

• Hang artwork that is comforting or reminds you of good memories.

• Position furniture towards a calming focal point, whether it be a window, a fireplace, etc.

• As I’ve mentioned before, indoor plants are awesome! By keeping plants indoors, toxins in the air are eliminated, therefore helping you feel more comfortable and often more productive.

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