The Faces Behind Marble Basics

Melbourne-based Marble Basics is run by sisters Bliss and Bonnie Adams, who strive to combine art and functionality in the every-day.

Sister duo Bliss and Bonnie Adams first began production for their company Marble Basics in 2012, and their simple and sophisticated pieces have since been featured in BelleHouse and Garden and Real Living.

The strength of their design partnership, they say, is the innate understanding that comes with being family. “It works because we can fight without holding grudges,” says Bonnie. As well as “think(ing) the same way”, both Bliss and Bonnie have shared interests and come from design backgrounds: Bonnie in men’s tailoring and Bliss in interior decorating.

They started Marble Basics in 2012 when they were both working full-time jobs, and they stuck-out a lengthy sampling process in order to get the fine details right. This year they launched twenty new designs into production and released their collection “Elemental”.

Bliss and Bonnie both gain inspiration from Post-Modernist furniture and design, and their latest releases are particularly inspired by the shapes of chairs from that period. The work of Italian designer Ettore Sottsass has also been a major design influence on their products.

From their previous careers, both sisters share an appreciation of functionality in design. Their chosen medium, marble, was selected for its exceptional durability and strength as much as for its elegance. The term ‘timeless’ can be applied not just to the understated simplicity of their designs but also to the fact that marble lasts for centuries, even thousands of years. Having worked extensively in the design industry, both sisters are aware of the disposable nature of many products, and how that ephemerality is reflected in cheap and insubstantial materials. Investing in a durable natural medium is an important concept in their business ethic.

Marble Basics creates a range of kitchen and homewares, including planters, cannisters, trays and trivets. Central to Bonnie and Bliss’s company ethos is the idea of beauty being enjoyed in the every-day. Making working objects out of marble elevates the object to the dual status of homeware and sculpture.

Bonnie and Bliss took a risk in leaving their full-time jobs to embark on their creative enterprise together. Their dedication to creating products with longevity in an industry where homewares are often insubstantial and disposable has earned them a growing following.

Bonnie and Bliss get great satisfaction from providing customers with products that will last a lifetime. “Designing a collection together is so much fun and is so rewarding,” says Bonnie, “so we just want to keep designing and creating products we love!”

Pieces from the Marble Basics range are available for purchase at The Home Journal Shop.

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