North Adelaide Residence / WAX Design

When the owners of this modern classic home in North Adelaide had finally come to the end of the renovating, they enlisted the help of the award-winning team at WAX Design to assist with the landscape design.

The goal of the project was to transform their existing garden into a series of integrated outdoor zones that varied in function, yet complimented the contemporary and bold styling of architecture.

One of the big challenges was to relocate the pool that was initially located in the front garden to the rear, with a new entrance to the front door from the ground level and revised site levels to create cohesive access around the site.

Amanda Balmer from WAX Design said the inspiration was drawn from the work of Italian garden designer Luciano Giubbilei, a favourite of the owners. “Luciano offers a modern take on the traditional Italian Renaissance garden, with lots of green–on-green planting to add depth and strong structural elements, such as tree-lined avenues.”

The landscape to the front of the property offers clean lines that respond to the minimalist nature of the architecture. Large format granite units were used to create a sense of arrival at the front entrance and the granite was continued up the floating steps to the front door. Granite continued as the main surface material through to the driveway, as a cobbled set for a textural point of difference.

The new Pyrus trees were incorporated to mirror the existing on the eastern boundary, creating privacy and reducing the impact of the neighbouring property. The limited planting palette of varying greens, which reflects the clients’ minimalist aesthetic and the architectural form of the residence, includes hedges of murraya, magnolia and viburnum, and an avenue of ornamental pear trees.

The existing Pyrus trees were retained and supported in a raised planter. Level changes create a more usable space with access into the existing dining room. Privacy from the street was achieved with a screened alcove and a semi permeable front fence and driveway gates.

“The pool and lawn areas to the rear maximise the change in level and create a centralised family activity zone separate from the shaded eastern garden and entertaining space,” says Amanda. “Granite forms a linking element, from the feature walls surrounding the pool area, which boast new saw-cut granite cladding from Best Pavers, leading to the raised garden bed, and a seating wall around the perimeter of the property. The pool coping, pool steps and blade wall all have an off-form concrete finish, which helps in transitioning the facade of the building into the landscape and creates clean, simple lines between the paved surfaces,” she adds.

The existing Ivy along the red brick facade was retained with a new granite raised garden bed beneath. A concrete wrap to the granite edge creates a series of seating walls along the length of the lawn and connects the lower garden with the design intent of the pool.

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