One a Week by Rachel Vosila

One a Week by Rachel Vosila is a year long experiment, whereby Rachel aims to make one chair a week for the entirety of 2015. Inspired by this concept, The Home Journal’s Kate caught up with Rachel to find out more.

After being inspired by Martino Gamper’s 100 Chairs in 100 Days Project and the work of other creatives on social media outlets, Rachel Vosila began the one-woman project One A Week, to design and create fifty-two new chairs in 2015.

Vosila is a designer and carpenter whose work has been featured in WallpaperVogue Living and Brazilian Vogue in the space of only two years since she launched her career. Vosila completed a Fine Arts degree at COFA, where she studied sculpture, and then design in 2014.

After a year working full-time for Kartell in Bondi, Vosila realised that, “I had no time to do anything creative because I was putting all my time and energy into selling their work”. She designated 2015 as her year to focus solely on her creative endeavours.

Inspired by the idea of making pieces at timed intervals, Vosila launched One A Week at the beginning of 2015. Vosila comments on how COFA, like other art colleges, “teaches you to be really conceptual”, and that she felt an urge to produce rather than just plan. “I like the fact that I’m forcing myself to do things weekly”.  Although the workload may seem intimidating, Vosila isn’t concerned. “I love it. It was such a fresh idea that I don’t find it difficult, I find it liberating”.

Vosila says that her fast-paced schedule is a strong contrast to her former studies. “Because I only have a week to think about it, it really compresses your design process… While I’d be spending six weeks researching a design, now I have a day”.

Order is key to Vosila’s work schedule, and her creative process. “I’m a very structured person, as you can tell from my aesthetic”. Vosila has been disciplined in keeping up with her weekly quota. When an unexpected overseas trip arose, Vosila made six chairs in a week and half, in order to keep up with the weekly posts while she was away.

Vosila says this project has changed her from, “someone who was really tentative to put anything out there”.  She says that “once you force yourself to put something online three to four times a week”, then it “breaks that fear”. She has loved her time engaging with the community of Instagram, where she records the progress of her project.  “Rather than an onlooker”, says Vosila, “I feel like I’m really part of the community”.

Inspired by the work of Ettore Sottsass, and working primarily in the Memphis style, Vosila has focused on creating modernist furniture pieces including a dog bed and the Pom Pom chair.

Vosila says that her favourite part of her creative process is, “When I have an idea in my head and the process of trying to pull it out of my mind and fabricating it… just going by feel, without measurements”.

Vosila plans to make a collection to take to DEN Furniture and Design Fair in 2016, and to use her One A Week Project as an opportunity to trial ideas. “I would love to be able to make everything myself” says Vosila, but she will need to hire a professional carpenter to handle orders once business picks up. Vosila’s aim is to make pieces that are as practical as they are playful. “Like every designer, you want people to get your stuff in their home and you want them to love them”.

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