Quick Tricks to Makeover Your Home

When it comes to entertaining, sometimes we tend to shy away because we feel our home is ‘boring’ or ‘unfinished’. Claire helps us combat those thoughts with some easy makeover tricks you’ll be eager to show off.

Each of these simple ideas can be carried out in a day, which makes them perfect for that no fuss weekend makeover. Before you know it you’ll be hosting dinner parties and inviting the in-laws to stay so you can show off your handy work.

1. Move your furniture around, it’s that simple. Moving your furniture around in the same room can go a long way to making a room feel fresh and new. Always keep functionality in mind and ensure you have comfortable walkways and can move through the space as properly.
2. Consider buying some inexpensive battery operated LED lights that have adhesive on the back and stick them in hidden places throughout your living room. Think under a console table, on top of a bookcase, or as a backlight to a vignette. This will not only add light to your room but will help to add interest by highlighting otherwise forgotten areas in a room.
3. Paint your ceiling. It is a bold idea, but choosing a predominant colour from your room and painting your ceiling will add depth and strength to your room. It can be done in less than a day and is a fairly affordable project.
4. Use branches instead of bought floral displays. LA based production designer Kelly Van Platter explains, ‘Something as simple as an oddly shaped tree branch found on a hike could easily become a unique sculptural centrepiece,’ or could be included as ‘part of an assemblage with other found objects.’
5. Remove rugs or add a rug. A change-up is refreshing!
6. Display drawings or magazine clippings in frames. Children’s drawings are fantastic in bright frames and not only add an uplifting spirit through their bright designs but are also meaningful.
7. Rotate your accessories and textiles. Change the throws and cushions on your sofa and bed. Not only does this give you flexibility with changing the whole colour scheme of a room, but it also helps to create seasonal styles. Think faux furs and dark textural colours for winter and linens and bright colours in summer. To further the idea of decorating seasonally, display a wicker basket or nice bowl with seasonal fruit and nuts not only in your kitchen but also on a mantelpiece or hall table.
8. Refresh your bathroom with a scented candle or a small bouquet of flowers. Hide away your toothbrush and toothpaste and only keep your most stylish essentials on display. Remember not to clutter the counter… less is more.
9. Add life and interest to your cupboards and shelves by adding wallpaper, decorative adhesives or paint on the backing. This is also a good incentive to clean out and remove unnecessary items from your shelves… this is always needed in my house.
10. Change up your lampshades. Black lampshades are dramatic and create lovely pools of light in a room. You could even consider buying an inexpensive paper shade, which you can then paint in any colour you like. Red is a great colour as light softens it, creating a romantic and flattering look and feel.

I hope you are inspired by these ten quick makeover tips and get creative one lazy winter weekend and refresh your home. Not only will it become a space that is welcoming for guests but a change in style and décor can go a long way to make your home feel new, exciting and comfortable again.Share on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+

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