Rooftop Garden Paradise

If you are feeling a bit cramped in your inner city apartment and need some space to take in the views and get some air then he solution may be closer than you think: a rooftop garden is the perfect place to unwind.

The much-neglected rooftop space is not only a great option for panoramic views and seclusion, it is also a very practical place to nourish both plant- and social life. With great sun exposure, plenty of fresh air and rain, you can have your own little sylvan getaway right above your bedroom.

There are a few things to consider however. Firstly, make sure that the furniture you choose isn’t susceptible to water damage. There’s nothing worse than setting up the perfect rooftop hangout only to find that the suede couch you’ve hauled up the fire escape has been hopelessly drenched. Unless you have an overhanging of some sort, avoid plush luxury furniture and aim for a more ‘front porch’ look. Afterall, soft, lush sophistication is not what outdoor living is all about; keep things casual and practical and it will pay dividends.

The next thing to consider is that panorama is paramount. There’s no point setting up the most beautiful forestry and elaborate furnishings if they obscure the view, which is the whole appeal to begin with. Again, keep things simple and practical, and let the space do the work for you. Also, try not to overcrowd the space: you’re still outdoors, even if you’re in your apartment building, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be too homely. Have the minimal amount of seating required and as few purely ornamental decorations as possible so as not to interfere with the open and free atmosphere. Even the most familiar and considered roof should feel like an adventure to climb up to.

Lastly, rooftop gardens are a great place to have lots of colour. Again, this is a casual space, and an informal area to relax in. Make it pet friendly. Make it somewhere you don’t have to worry about spilling wine, and make it somewhere fun and playful. It’s a great area for loudly-coloured plantlife, timber, deck chairs and barbeques, so kick back and watch the summer days go by.

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