One of the problems I encounter most in my home is finding a place to put everything without each room feeling cluttered and full. There so many different shelving options to provide a solution to the clutter issue, that finding the right shelf can be a problem in itself.

When you are looking for shelves, remember that they need to include characteristics of storage, interior design, personal history and convenience. What you display on or in your shelves, of course, is what actually tells a story, but the look of the shelves themselves; the shape, the materials, the location and how they match your belongings all combine to create a unique feel.

To help you start thinking about finding the perfect style of shelves for your home, I’ve listed some of my favourite options available here in Australia…

The JDS Architects Stacked Shelf System by Muuto is both beautifully simple and lots of fun. The different shaped individual ash or white MDF shelves can be arranged however you like to create the shelving system that you desire. I just love the idea of being able to play around with creating different shaped shelving.

Assemblages Leather Shelves are modern in style yet utilitarian in resourcefulness. The combination of leather belts and plywood shelves provides the perfect space for displaying and highlighting your favourite belongings.

The Sunset Bookshelf is the perfect fit for brightening up your living room, library or nursery. The shelves extend past the edges, breaking the rules of regular bookshelves and adding brightness and excitement to a space. If only I had the space in my home right now…

Gardenias Outdoor Shelving is beyond beautiful. I love the subtle design and soft colours. Even the shape creates a sense of nostalgic memory and beauty.

Hand printed shadow boxes by Bonnie and Neil are so much fun. The background artworks are so beautiful I’d probably avoid covering them up…

Brooklyn brand Chiaozza, have created the cutest Custom Alphabet Frames. It’s such a simple concept, putting letters on the wall as shelves, but the outcome is great! The bright colours make these shelves perfect for a nursery or kid’s bedroom.

J1 Studio’s geometric T. Shelf is versatile and bold. The modular system can be made into different shapes by joining the triangles. My favourite part about this shelving system is that the shelf itself is such a work of art that the empty areas in the display only add to the effectiveness in the design.Share on TwitterShare on FacebookShare on Google+

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