Top 8 Bathroom Trends for 2014

So what is big in bathrooms? Well it’s really hard to get beyond the acres of porcelain sinks, ugly faucets and fittings that line your local bathroom retailers. It is everywhere and it makes decisions for the DIY designer quite difficult.

Bathrooms, in my opinion, suffer from not pairing back your palette, and not investing in the kick arse tap, or amazing bath that will elevate the space to the next level.

Because The Home Journal wants you to be scrubbing up in a space with the most possible style we have found the big trends in bathroom design for 2014.

Number 1. Shower Curtains

What? Have I gone mad? Say it again? Shower Curtains? Yes my friends the humble shower curtain is making a big come back, and for good reason, as it saves space and if properly integrated into a design does not need to look cheap.

Spend money on the track system and curtain material and you may just give your self an extra two square metres in your bathroom.

Number 2. Colour is Back

And your thought the 70’s were over! My hot trend for 2014 is for bathrooms to pop with explosions of colour. Use the colour to contrast your more muted colour scheme of the house and you will always reward yourself with an invigorating experience. My go to colours are bright greens, oranges and dusty teals.

Number 3. Wood

And you though it was just for the Swedes?… No, wood is going to be huge for bathroom designs. Used as the key material for panelling of cabinetry, we predict wood will continue to trend for the next few years.

Number 4. Pastel Tones

Combine pastel tiles, raw timbers and soft whites and you have the instant low cost bathroom update that will ensure that you are the envy of your design loving friends.

Number 5. Round Basins

Free standing objects herald back to when the wash bowl was a kind of ritual, a pedestal to you and the day’s activity. We’re loving the round free standing pedestal basins, which are beautiful, space saving and turn your bathroom into your place of worship.

Number 6. The Oversized Trough

Ok, going against my ideas of personal celebration, the trough is rough and ready and made to splash water over your grubby face. Use stone and get it built to your bathroom dimensions and you will have sink to be proud of.

Number 7. Coloured Tapware

Are you sick of stainless steel too? Well coloured tapware is huge and only going to get better, bigger and is soon to replace that cold lifeless stainless steel. Black will dominate, followed by copper, brass, then white, red and all the colours of the rainbow.

Number 8. Industrial Chic

Concrete, texture and a more exposed look will add real visual depth to your bathroom. This look is great for a warehouse or house which has existing materials that you can expose and incorporate into your design. Don’t be shy, let the copper pipes take center stage.

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