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Kate chats with Tryde co-founder Andre Rossi about the process and principles behind their lighting business, Tryde Designer Trading, the company bringing landmark Scandinavian lighting design to Australia.

Based in Brunswick, Melbourne, Tryde Designer Trading is headed by Andre Rossi and Sarah Tryde. Tryde and Rossi have enjoyed watching Melbourne’s growing interest in vintage furniture and homewares, and “we found ourselves really enjoying the communities being established around the industry”, says Rossi. Eventually, the push to establish their business was “an overwhelming feeling of want to be a part of this growing community”.

Rossi had previously worked in retail management and marketing, and Tryde moved from Copenhagen two years ago to make a fresh start in Australian interior design. The pair were united by their interest in mid-century Scandinavian design, and they began working on Tryde in January of 2014. “The early stages of this basically consisted of working with our Danish manufacturer on logistics and ensuring the products were competitive in the Australian market”. For Tryde and Rossi, this meant a lot of research and time spent building networks within the industry. The over-riding principle that guided them was, “making original, quality design accessible”.

Tryde is unique in that the company sells exclusive products from ground-breaking mid-century Scandinavian designers. For Tryde, it was vital that, “the prestige and essentially the ‘brand’ of the designers is upheld and represented in the best way”. Having exclusive use of these designs is a rare position. “Exclusivity bares heavily on trust and a mutual understanding of where each business aims to take their product and brand. We have one manufacturer, Pandul, who actually produces all our lighting products so far… I guess we are lucky in that respect, they share the same appreciation for absolute quality and respect of the original designs.”

A recent career highlight for Tryde has been having a featured place at Grand Designs Live earlier this year. As with most suppliers, Rossi and Tryde had never gotten the opportunity to interact directly with their customers. Rossi says, “It was fantastic to share with them the products that we are so passionate about, and seeing the overwhelmingly inspired responses was a massive highlight”.

Rossi says that he gets equal enjoyment from both the beginning and end of the cycle of production. “I really enjoy speaking with passionate producers, and gaining insight in to their driving forces and philosophies… This extends to retailers as well, and is part of the reason why we are so careful with who we deal with”. His other favourite part of the process is knowing that, “Someone, somewhere, has one, or more, of our lamps in their home… (that) makes me smile. Thinking that they can see the beauty that we see, choosing to place that in their personal space, and knowing that we were a part of that process to make it happen is a great feeling”.

The Home Journal is very excited to share that THJ Shop will soon stock much of the Tryde range of fabulous Scandinavian lighting, so stay tuned…

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